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Chasing a man who died in 1769

Ever wanted to write a book? Well this blog is about my adventures in writing an historical fiction novel about Chief Pontiac. For most of us in Michigan we have grown up near a city called Pontiac and have seen the name hundreds of times on street signs, bumper stickers and dealerships... but how many of you actually know anything about who he was? Thats what I thought... none of you. Pontiac was actually a REALLY fascinating person! He was the man who united the indian tribes against the British and the spark that ignited an uprising; a rebellion that lasted three years, capturing eight military forts, wiping out garrisons, annihilating relief expeditions and desolating settlements.

I am embarking on a crazy journey to find a trail that went cold hundreds of years ago... and YOU are coming with me! We are chasing a man who died in 1769. His story was written by his enemies so naturally I only believe half of it. What also makes this story hard to write is that a lot of the so called "facts" are contradictory of one another. When you are looking up the face of a mountain there are many ways to the top. An experienced climber will tell you to pick a line and that is essentially what I have to do with this story. I have to pick a line to the top and make up the rest (hence historical Fiction). I plan to blog at least once a week if not more about all the crazy shit I find! Oh... yeah.. I swear a lot so if you can't handle that then lovingly f*&$@ off. :-) Oh... and one more thing... I may be a writer but you will undoubtedly find spelling and grammar errors in my blogs.

Come with me while I read all sorts of weird old letters and books no one cares about anymore. Come with me to the Ottawa and Ojibwa reservations and lodges (who may kick me out because I'm totally not Indian). Come with me as I set out to canoe (drive) the rivers he would have used to travel. Come with me to the sites of old battles and forts. Come with me while I shoot old guns and ride horses.... not at the same time...

Come with me and Chase History!

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