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Mommy and Ayvee
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Who am I? 


I am many things but I have always been a writer.  I am a writer of novels, songs, poems, and screenplays.  As I navigated through different genres, voices and narratives I found that three themes kept surfacing; History, Action and Nature. 


My love affair with history was seeded by my strong, worldly, red-haired mother.  As a hard-working single parent for much of my childhood, she did an outstanding job in teaching us culture, history, religion(s), politics, art, music and how to swear like sailors.


Every summer we’d all pile into the family van and travel cross country like the Griswold’s on our annual family vacation, my mother having planned and plotted an intricate multi-state historical death-march (as we lovingly called them). By the time I graduated high school I had visited all fifty states and by the end of college I had seen most of Europe. 


Action is what I personally like to read so it seems only natural that it is what I like to write.


My love of Nature was a by-product of my father.  My father didn’t understand people like he understood the woods.  In place of talking to my brother and I (when we infrequently saw him), he would take us on “Nature walks”, which essentially was my brother and I wondering aimlessly around the woods following my father for hours.  He would point out birds, animal tracks and all sorts of plants. We learned how to canoe, how to make a fire and how to pitch a tent. Being immersed in nature instilled a peaceful serenity, an appreciation for all living things and an eye for observation.


History, Action and Nature I feel are the right kindling for a good story.  (Ya throw in a little unlikely romance and… boom!)


PONTIAC is the first book I’ve written where I have married these themes. I feel it is my best work because it speaks to who I am.  

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